MAGNET GPS Station - Photo by Geoff Blewitt

Global Strain Rate Map

The mission of the Global Strain Rate Map (GSRM) project is to determine a globally self-consistent strain rate and velocity field model, consistent with geodetic and geologic field observations. Such a model is the first model of its kind to implicitly add the kinematics of plate boundary deformation to a description of rigid plate motions. This model provides important input for seismic hazard, seismotectonics and geodynamics studies on a global and regional scale.

This project is ongoing and group members Corne Kreemer is spearheading the creation of a new version that will be incorporated into the Global Earthquake Model. Of particular interest to our group is the contribution that the GSRM can make to reference frame related issues, specifically on the definition of the no-net-rotation reference frame.

For the most up-to-date results, see Corne's GSRM page or visit the Global Strain Rate Map Project Homepage

Global Strain Rate Map
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