MAGNET GPS Station - Photo by Geoff Blewitt

Bret Pecoraro

Bret Pecoraro

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology / MS 178
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, Nevada 89557-0088, USA

Office location: Scrugham Engineering/ Mines, Room 6.

Phone: 682-8775
Fax: 1 (775) 784-1709
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Bret's Interests:

"I have been working as a technician at the NBMG since 1988. During the summer of 2003 I worked in Mesquite for about 6 weeks on a project with the local water district to see if we could detect any ground movement / subsidence when they started pumping one of their new wells. I installed monuments, set up receivers, downloaded data and maintained the GPS system. I am now the technician on the new GPS network (MAGNET) that Geoff is heading. We have 40 sites as of last week. I do basically the same thing that I did in Mesuite; drill into rock, install monuments set up the units at different sites, collect data and maintain the network. I also like to drink beer and ride dirt bikes. I have two boys."

Editor's note: In April 2004 Bret was awarded the Mackay School of Mines Award for Outstanding Classified Service for his many years of invaluable hard work at the NBMG.

Update: In April 2018 Bret received another award. The time he received the Staff Employee's Council Annual Distinguished Classified Employee - Runner Up for his exceptional contributions to the University of Nevada, Reno and Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology. This is a Campus-wide award recognizing outstanding classified staff who exemplify the University's standards for excellence and innovation. It recognizes employees with equal consideration of all eligible staff, regardless of the locus or level of responsibility within the College. Way to go, Bret!

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