MAGNET GPS Station - Photo by Geoff Blewitt

Dynamics of the Basin and Range

In addition to its visually spectacular landscape and geomorphology, the Basin and Range province boasts a world-class geodynamic wonderland.

Geodynamics is the study of forces that drive and resist motion or deformation of the Earth. Our group uses geodetically determined surface velocities, together with other data, to unravel the contributions from the driving forces that cause these motions. Our principle tool is space geodesy, which includes the Global Positioning System (GPS), and Interferometric Synthetic Aperature Radar (InSAR). We perform periodic surveys and install semi-permanent remote sensors (e.g. MAGNET) that measure crustal deformation.

Our projects vary in scale from the individual fault (e.g. transient deformations at Lake Tahoe), plate boundary scale deformation patterns (e.g. across the Basin and Range), to the global (e.g. the Global Strain Rate Map).

Examples of specific research questions we consider are:

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Last edited 17 April 2020.