MAGNET GPS Station - Photo by Geoff Blewitt

MAGNET GPS network response following the July 8, 2021 Antelope Valley M 6.0 earthquake

GPS station WALK MAGNET GPS Station WALK GPS station INDI Hill and cloud near GPS Station INDI
GPS station EBBS MAGNET GPS Station EBBS near Ebbets Pass, Sierran Nevada crest. GPS station SNRA MAGNET GPS Station SNRA near Sonora Pass.
Rain Rain in the distance on our way to MAGNET GPS site ARMY near Hawthorne, NV. GPS Station PCST MAGNET GPS Station PCST near Pinecrest Lake, CA.
Electric static buzz on truck antenna Moments from the field: Truck antenna buzzing from not-so static electricity. Ominous thunder in the distance. Yikes! Time to go. Delaminated tire Moments from the field: Flat tire (one of two) near Tuttletown, CA.