MAGNET GPS Station - Photo by Geoff Blewitt

Station ID : MUUS

Station operator information:

from RINEX headers

Data processed by:

Geoffrey Blewitt, Nevada Geodetic Lab.

Latitude: 38.793

Longitude: 41.502

Height: 1287.682 meters

Time Series Data

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QA files

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Station Plots

Explanation of Plots

IGS08 IGS08 Cleaned
Not Available
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Steps Information for this station

Station ID Date
Equipment Change Type/
or Event ID
MUUS10MAR08 usp000h8x1 6.1 131.6
MUUS11OCT23 usp000j9rr 7.1 174.1
MUUS11OCT23 usp000j9t8 5.9 137.8
Distance is from this station to earthquake epicenter in km. A potential step record appears when this distance is less than 10^(M/2 - 0.8) where M is earthquake magnitude.
Steps for all stations are given in the master step file database (link)

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