MAGNET GPS Station - Photo by Geoff Blewitt

Station ID : EKZ1

Station operator information from: RINEX headers

When using products from this system please cite Blewitt et al., (2018) for the processing plus also the citation for the original data.


Latitude: 38.058 degrees

Longitude: 37.187 degrees

Height: 1328.711 meters

Time Series Data

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24 Hour Final Solutions


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Quality Assurance (QA) Files


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5 Minute Troposphere Solutions

Tot./Wet Zenith Delay, etc.

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New!: Loading Predictions.
See this README file for explanation.


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Readme Files:

tenv3 format, tenv format, xyz format,
kenv format, trop format, QA file format,
Loading triplet enhanced tenv3 files
(Note: When using the MIDAS software
use the .tenv files linked above)

Nearest 4 Other Stations Distance


0.10 km


59.07 km


74.05 km


87.44 km

Time Series Plots

Click on the buttons on the left below to choose from available reference frames, latencies, and sample rates. Original, Cleaned (outlier removed) and detrended (using MIDAS rate) plots are available. See plot explanation page for further explanations on plot contents.

GPS time series plot
GPS time series plot
GPS time series plot
GPS time series plot
GPS time series plot
QA plot
Load prediction plot

Steps Information for this station

Station ID Date
Equipment Change Type/
or Event ID
EKZ123FEB06 us6000jllz 7.8 93.8
EKZ123FEB06 us6000jlnn 5.7 94.1
EKZ123FEB06 us6000jlm1 6.7 100.0
EKZ123FEB06 us6000jlqa 7.5 5.3
EKZ123FEB06 us6000jm1y 6.0 79.8
EKZ123FEB06 us6000jlqe 5.8 54.0
EKZ123FEB06 us6000jlql 5.7 89.7
EKZ123FEB06 us6000jlrc 6.0 59.2
EKZ123FEB07 us6000jm5e 5.5 57.8
Distance is from this station to earthquake epicenter in km. A potential step record appears when this distance is less than 10^(M/2 - 0.79) where M is earthquake magnitude.
Steps for all stations are given in the master step file database.

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