The ESEAS data base structure and model for the ESEAS Data Server and ESEAS Data Portal

Hans-Peter Plag (1/2) and Xiuhua Zhang (2)

(1) Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology and Seismological Laboratory, University of Nevada, Reno, Mailstop 178, Reno, NV 89557, USA, email:
(2) Norwegian Mapping Authority, 3507 Honefoss, Norway.

The ESEAS Data Portal (ESEAS DP) gives access to data from ESEAS Observing Sites (EOS). The parameters made available include sub-hourly and hourly sea level observations, monthly mean sea level, near real time access to sub-hourly or hourly tide gauge data, daily files of CGPS data, derived quantities such as sea level extremes, sea level trends, time series of daily GPS solutions, vertical land movement rates, and time series of absolute gravity. For some EOS, meterorological parameters are made available, too.

The concept and implementation of the DP, which is based on several principal considerations and design criteria, will be described. The structure of the ESEAS Data Server (DS), which contains secondary copies of data owned by the different ESEAS Centres will be discussed. Finally, the functunality of the ESEAS Data Access Manager (DAM), which is the link between the DS and the user interface constituted by the ESEAS Product Delivery Page (EPDP) will be summarised.