Acronym Start End Title Role Agency

GEOSS Portfolio 03/2010 11/2010 GEOSS Portfolio for Science and Technology PI SCG/EPA
GreatBasin 02/2009 04/2012 Revealing the Nature of Contemporary Uplift and Collapse in the Sierra Nevada - Great Basin System Co-Investigator NSF
GPSInSAR 02/2009 01/2012 Geodetic Imaging of Earth's Surface Deformation Using Integrated InSAR and GPS Observations Co-Investigator NASA
GREAT 10/2008 09/2011 GPS-aided Real-Time Earthquake and Tsunami (GREAT) Alert System Co-Investigator NASA
IGCP 565 03/2008 12/2012 Developing the Global Geodetic Observing System into a Monitoring System for the Global Water Cycle Coordinator UNESCO/IGCP
RESGPS 01/2008 12/2010 Development of Real-Time Tsunami Warning Systems with Continuous GPS Co-Investigator NASA
SURFMASS 11/2007 10/2010 Surface Mass Loads From GRACE, GPS, and Earth Rotation Measurements Institutional PI NASA
GPSTWS 12/2006 12/2007 System Design for a GPS component of Real-Time Earthquake Source Determination and Tsunami Warning Systems: Collaborative Research with University of Nevada, Reno and Northwestern University Co-Investigator USGS-NEHRP
GGOS2020 07/2006 01/2009 The Global Geodetic Observing System: Meeting the Requirements of a Global Society on a Changing Planet in 2020 Principal Investigator JPL/NASA
LSLRV 03/2005 01/2006 Appraisal of relative sea level rise scenarios for Venice Project leader Consorzio Venezia Nuova
NatGeoInf 12/2004 08/2005 National geodetic infrastructure: status today and future requirements Project leader Norwegian Mapping Authority
SHAPE 10/2004 09/2008 Synthesis of NASA data on Earth's changing geometrical and gravitational shapes to assess changes in terrestrial water storage and its effect on sea level, lithospheric loading, and Earth rotation, to image mantle rheology Researcher NASA
YUCCA 10/2003 09/2008 Geodetic Monitoring of Yucca Mountain using GPS Researcher DOE
GeoCorr 01/2003 05/2004 Determination of geodetic coordinates for EGNOS RIMS and NLES Project leader ESA
GOCINA 11/2002 10/2005 Geoid and Ocean Circulation in the North Atlantic Colaborator European Commission
ESEAS-RI 11/2002 10/2005 European Sea Level Service - Research Infrastructure Coordinator (until 10/2004) European Commission
GeoGal 06/2002 03/2004 Geodetic Galileo: High accuracy applications of Galileo Project leader ESA
IERS GGFC SBL 02/2002 on-going Special Bureau for Loading Chair National
OCTAS 01/2002 12/2006 Ocean Circulation and heat transport between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Sea Project leader (until 09/2004) Norwegian Research Council
ESEAS CB 07/2001 01/2005 Central Bureau for ESEAS Director National funding
COST 716 12/1998 05/2004 Exploitation of ground-based GPS for Operational Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Applications Vice-chair European Commission
COST 40 12/1997 12/2002 European Sea Level Observing System Chair (since 1998) European Commission