Worldwide recognition and support for NBMG and NGL ...

As a consequence of the dire economic situation in Nevada, the Nevada System of Higher Education faces a cut of the state-funded budget of more than 30%. In order to meet the budget cut requested by the Nevada legislator, the President of UNR has proposed to cut the budget of NBMG disproportionally by more than 50%. Such a cut would take away the economic basis for NBMG to provide mandated services for Nevada. The cut would also reduce the ability of NBMG to win external grants and have a significant negative impact on the overall UNR budget and the economy of Nevada.

As a reaction to the proposed disproportional budget cut, more than 110 letters of support for NBMG were sent to the UNR President from national and international agencies, universities, and individuals. In the following, we provide selected quotes from these letters that illustrate the high recognition NBMG enjoys worldwide and the concerns that the proposed cuts will have a devastating impact on NBMG, UNR and the economy of Nevada. More quotes can be found here.

Rick Allis, Utah State Geologist and Director, Utah Geological Survey (letter)
Zuheir Altamimi, Research Director, President Section 5, Intl. Assoc. Geodesy, Inst. Geographique National (letter)
Ernie Anderson, Geologist, USGS, semi-retired (letter)
Robbie Anderson, Geologist; Graduate Student Economic Geology, UNR (letter)
Yoaz E. Bar-Sever, Manager, NASA Global Differential GPS System, NASA/JPL (letter)
Robert Bedard, Managing Partner, EQ Energy LLC (oil & gas) (letter)
Myron G. Best, Professor of Geosciences, BYU Geosciences Department (letter)
Gerhard Beutler, Director, Astronomical Institute, University of Bern (letter)
Michael Bevis, Professor of Geodynamics, The Ohio State University (letter)
Peter Bird, Prof. of Tectonophysics; Fellow AGU; Fellow GSA, UCLA (letter)
Yehuda Bock, Prof. of Geodesy; UCSD (letter)
Jayne Bormann, Graduate Research Assistant, Geodetics, UNR (letter)
Rich Briggs, PhD, Geology, UNR (letter)
Jon Brown, Environmental and permitting manager, Telesto Nevada (letter)
Roy Breckenridge, Director and State Geologist, Idaho Geological Survey (letter)
Wayne Burke, Tribal Chairman, Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe
Thomas Callicrate, Geologist, Consolidated Goldfields Corporation (letter)
Wayne Carlson, Manager, Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool (letter)
William E. Carter, Prof., University of Houston (letter)
John S. Caskey, Assoc. Prof, Dept. of Geosciences, San Francisco State University (letter)
Eric H. Christiansen, Prof. of Geosciences, BYU Geosciences Department
LeFran Ciofalo, Physician, Reno, NV (letter)
P. J. Clarke, Prof. of Geophysical Geodesy, Newcastle University (letter)
Gaylord Cleveland, Geologist and Exploration Manager, Centerra Gold (letter)
Jean Cline, Prof. of Geology, University of Nevada Las Vegas (letter)
James Cobb, Kentucky State Geologist; Pres. American Assoc. of State Geologists (letter)
Mark Coolbaugh, Chief Geoscientist, Renaissance Gold Inc. (letter)
Nicola D'Agostino, Sr Researcher, Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologica (letter)
James L. Davis, Lamont Research Professor, Columbia University/LDEO (letter)
Edmond G. Deal, Director and State Geologist, Montana Bur. of Mines and Geology (letter)
Gregory Dering, Student, Geological Sciences Program, UNR (letter)
Ted DeRocher, Geoscientist, Oski Energy
John H. Dilles & Mark D. Barton, Profs. of Geology, Oregon State University
Timothy H Dixon, Prof., University of South Florida (letter)
Paul Dobak, Geologist, Elko Exploration (letter)
Rachel Dolbier, Administrator, Keck Museum/Graduate Student, UNR (letter)
David Donovan, Hydrologist, Las Vegas
Herb Duerr, Co-Owner, MinQuest, Inc.; Owner, Desert Pacific Exploration, Inc. (letter)
Joel Edwards, Graduate Student, UNR (letter)
William Ehni, Geologist and President, Ehni Enterprises (letter)
M. Stephen Enders, President, Society of Economic Geologists (letter)
Steven Fechner, Geologist, Retired Federal Government (letter)
Robert P. Felder, Consulting Geologist, Felder Geoscience Ltd. (letter)
David Fitch, Professional Geologic Consultant (letter)
Steve Foster, Geoscientist, Consultant (letter)
John P. Foudy, Geoscientist, ExxonMobil Development Company (letter)
Sabodh Garg, Geothermal consultant, GRC & GEA
John Geissman, Professor of Geosciences, University of Texas at Dallas
Patrick Goldstrand, Professional Geologist (letter)
Richard G. Gordon, Prof. of Geosciences, Rice University (letter)
Lewis Gustafson, Professional Mineral Exploration Geologist & Consultant (letter)
Peter H. Hahn, Professional Mineral Exploration Geologist & Consultant (letter)
Thomas Herring, Prof. of Geophysics, MIT/Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences (letter)
Emma Hill, Nanyang Asst. Prof., NRF Fellow, Earth Observatory of Singapore (letter)
William Holt, Prof. of Geophysics; Chair NAVSTAR; State University of New York (letter)
Keith Howard, Geologist, USGS Emeritus (letter)
Kerry L Howard, Math Teacher; PhD Candidate, Sierra Nevada College; UNR (letter)
Gary Johnston, Prog. Leader, Natl. Geospatial Ref. Syst., Geoscience Australia (letter)
Kurt Katzenstein, Prof. of Geosciences, South Dakota School of Mines & Tech.; UNR (letter)
Stephen E. Kesler, Prof. of Economic Geology, University of Michigan (letter)
Daniel Kunz, President, US Geothermal, Inc. (letter)
Kristine L. Larson, Prof. of Aerospace Eng. Sci., Univ. of Colorado, Boulder (letter)
Lawrence Larson, Consulting Geologist/retired professor, LTL Petrographics (letter)
David A. Lavallee, Geodesist, Independent (letter)
Xavier LePichon, Prof. of Geodynamics, French Acad. of Sciences, College de France (letter)
Reed Lewis, Associate Research Geologist, Idaho Geological Survey
Ronald L. Lynn, Director, Clark County Department of Building Services (letter)
Vince Matthews, State Geologist & Director, Colorado Geological Survey (letter)
Roland McEldowney, President, Bear Creek Gold & Copper Company, LLC (letter)
Lawrence D. Meinert, Dept. Geosciences; Editor Economic Geology, Smith College (letter)
Calvin Miller, Prof. of Geosciences, Dept. Earth & Envir. Sci., Vanderbilt University (letter)
Jonathan S. Miller, Prof. of Geology, San Jose State University (letter)
Marilyn Miller, Computer Geologist, Renaissance Gold (letter)
M. Meghan Miller, President, UNAVCO, a Geodesy Research Consortium (letter)
Inga Moeck & David Bruhn, GFZ-German Centre for Research in Geosciences (letter)
Francis C. Monastero, Past President, Magma Energy Corp. & GRC (letter)
Christy Morris, Vice President, Ram Power, Inc (letter)
Monte C. Morrison, Country Manager, Magma Energy Corp. (letter)
Megan Muretta, Field Engineer, Pathfinder, a Schlumberger Company (letter)
John N. Murphy, President, Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (letter)
Ryan Thomas Murphy, Senior Geologist, Hess Corporation (letter)
Ruth E. Neilan, Director, IGS Central Bureau, Intl. GNSS Service (letter)
Kerem K. Oguz, Y. Jeoloji Müh, and Salihli Belediyesi, Geologists in Turkey (letter)
John S. Oldow, Professor and Head, Geosciences, Univ. of Texas at Dallas (letter)
Per Erik Opseth, Director, Geodetic Institute, Norwegian Mapping Authority (letter)
Ronald L. Parratt, President & CEO, Renaissance Gold Inc. (letter)
John G. Parrish, State Geologist, California Geological Survey (letter)
Robert Pease, Former Graduate Student, Geology, UNR
Dean R. Peltonen, Exploration Geologist (letter)
Clay Postlethwaite, Geologist/Envir. Consultant, Newmont Mining Corp. (letter)
Neil Prenn, Administrative Manager, Mine Development Associates (letter)
John W. Pritchett, Geothermal consultant, SAIC (letter)
Jay Raney, Geologist, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology (letter)
Mike Ressel, Senior Geologist, Kinross Gold (letter)
Chris Rizos, Prof. & Pres.-Elect, Intl Assoc. of Geodesy, Univ. of New South Wales (letter)
James M. Robertson, Dir. and State Geologist, Wisconsin Geol. and Nat. Hist. Survey (letter)
Curt Robinson, Executive Director, Geothermal Resources Council (letter)
Andrew E. Sabin, Director, Navy Geothermal Program, China Lake, CA
David T. Sandwell, Professor of Geophysics, UC San Diego/SIO (letter)
Peter H. Scholle, State Geologist & Director, New Mexico Bur. of Geol. & Mineral Res. (letter)
Kenneth Schwartz, Senior Geologist, Chevron; UNR (letter)
Paul Segall, Professor, Dept. of Geophysics, Stanford University (letter)
Robert B. Smith, Research Professor and Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Utah (letter)
Walter Snyder, Dir., Natl. Geothermal Data Syst. & DOE-Geothermal Data Repository (letter)
Jon Spencer, Senior Geologist, Arizona Geological Survey (letter)
Seth Stein, William Deering Prof., Fellow GSU & GSA, Northwestern University (letter)
Gene Suemnicht, Chief Geologist, Environmental Geothermal Services Inc. (letter)
Robert F. Swenson, State Geologist & Dir., Alaska Div. of Geol. & Geophys. Surveys (letter)
William J. Teplow, VP, Exploration, US Geothermal, Inc. (letter)
Paul Thomsen, President, Geothermal Energy Association (letter)
Harvey Thorleifson, Director, Minnesota Geological Survey (letter)
James H. Trexler, Professor of Geology, UNR (letter)
Tonie Van Dam, Researcher, Universite de Luxembourg (letter)
Lynne Volpi, Geologist, Kestrel Mine Services (letter)
Al Waibel Owner, Columbia Geoscience, geothermal exploration services (letter)
Jerome P. Walker, Petroleum and Geothermal Exploration Geologist
Alan Wallace, Geologist, USGS Retired (letter)
Andy B. Wallace, Geologist and Owner, Cordex Exploration Co. (letter)
James L. Werle, Chief Geologist and VP, Converse Consultants (letter)
Brian P. Wernicke, Prof. of Geology, California Institute of Technology (letter)
R. Wonnacott, Director Survey Services, Rural Dev. & Land Reform, Rep. South Africa (letter)
William Wright, Principal Geologist, Barrick Gold Corp. (letter)
Michael Young, Assoc. Director for Envir. Systems, Texas Bureau of Econ. Geology (letter)
Elizabeth Zbinden, Geologist & Geochemist, Independent (letter)
Richard E. Zehner, President, Caldera Geothermal (letter)
Frederick P. Zoerner, Consulting Geologist, Independent (letter)